Complaint Handling Process

Tο παρόν έγγραφο είναι διαθέσιμο μόνο στην αγγλική γλώσσα.

Windsor Brokers cares about always keeping its clients happy and satisfied with its services. The purpose of this Complaint Policy is to outline the Company’s effective and transparent procedure for the immediate complaint handling of all existing clients.

In order to file a complaint, please send a description and the date the incident has occurred along with any supporting documentation to

When a valid complaint is received, the Company shall take into account the particular issues raised and the evidence provided by the Client. Upon receipt of a valid complaint, a written Acknowledgment e-mail will be sent to the Client within the next five working days. This Acknowledgement e-mail will further notify the Client of the Unique Reference Number (URN) which must be used in all future contact with the Company regarding the specific complaint. The Company will investigate the Client’s complaint with the aim of reaching a final resolution of any issue in a timely manner, with a maximum of two-month period from the initial complaint receipt. During the complaint investigation period, the Company may inform the Client of the handling process and request additional information and/or documentation (as necessary) for the full assessment of the said complaint.

In the event that the Company is unable to reach a final resolution of the complaint within the aforementioned two- month period, the Client will be notified beforehand of the reasons for the delay and further indication will be provided regarding the period of time within which it will be possible to complete the investigation, with the maximum extension being an additional one month.

The Company always aims to resolve complaints in an amicable and professional business manner.

Should the Client feel dissatisfied with our assessment and/or any settlement offer, we would like to inform you that you have the right to refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman of the Republic of Cyprus, which is the competent body to examine compensation claims via an extrajudicial procedure, no later than four months after the date that you were notified about our final decision. You may also escalate the complaint to CySEC, however please note that CySEC does not have restitution powers and therefore does not investigate individual complaints.

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